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Chelsea, AL New Site, AL Cherokee, AL Newbern, AL Chickasaw, AL Childersburg, AL Newton, AL Choccolocco, AL Newville, AL Normal, AL Citronelle, AL Northport, AL Clanton, AL Notasulga, AL Clay, AL Oak Grove, AL Clayton, AL Oak Hill, AL Cleveland, AL Oakman, AL Odenville, AL Clio, AL Ohatchee, AL Oneonta, AL would like to acknowledge Wikipedia for the following information.

(cont from 8) Although the origin of Alabama was evident, the meaning of the tribe's name was not always clear. An article without a byline appearing in the Jacksonville Republican on July 27, 1842 originated the idea that the meaning was "Here We Rest."[9] This notion was popularized in the 1850s through the writings of Alexander Beaufort Meek.[9] Experts in the Muskogean languages have been unable to find any evidence that would support this translation.[6][9] It is now generally accepted that the word comes from the Choctaw words alba (meaning "plants" or "weeds") and amo (meaning "to cut", "to trim", or "to gather").[9][8][13] This results in translations such as "clearers of the thicket"[8] or even "herb gatherers"[13][14] which may refer to clearing of land for the purpose of planting crops[10] or to collection of medicinal plants by medicine men